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Monday, November 9

Hear from energy executives, major project developers, investors and regulators on the big-picture view of North Dakota’s near- and long-term opportunities and met- or unmet- requirements necessary to drive growth and the always important bottom-line.

Presentations On:
  • Project Updates
  • Proposed Project Needs
  • Energy Demand In The Northern Plains
  • Requirements For An All-of-the-above North Dakota
  • Infrastructure constraints
  • Understanding the Shifting Needs of ND Energy Consumers
  • Regulations Driving New Demand
  • The Need For New Technologies
  • Investment Opportunities

Tuesday, November 10

Gain a new perspective, refresh your current knowledge base or equip your understanding of North Dakota energy with new intel from every resource currently under development or planned for the state. Presentations will include commentary and analysis on power generation from coal, wind, geothermal, hydro, solar, recovered energy and transmission and distribution sources. Also, learn about the latest in shale energy production, technology, regulations and the infrastructure requirements connected to production of oil, gas or NGLs. In addition to energy efficiency and research updates, find out more on the state’s use, production and support of ethanol, biomass, biodiesel and other advanced biofuel production. Also included will be talks on infrastructure and takeaway hurdles in addition to other topics related to the day-to-day operations of the state’s energy resources.

Presentations On:
  • New Technology for feedstock utilization or Production Optimization
  • Power production challenges
  • End-user market analysis and predictions
  • Energy export or expansion opportunities
  • Technical talks by energy sector experts

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